Sunlight, Sunlight and Shadows

Sunlight, sunlight and shadows,
dancing in fields of green.
Tears of angels,
tears of angels falling.
I hear your voice in the west wind,
calling, calling out my name.

I see your face in the painted clouds,
sailing in the blueness of summer sky
and I wonder where and I wonder why.

I wake in the morning,
I know I was dreaming
of dancing with you
in the meadow of wild flowers.

I wake in the noon time,
I know I was sleeping,
but I still feel your softness.
I still taste the wine of your lips.

Sunlight, sunlight and shadows,
white clouds are sailing.
Tears of the angels,
tears of angels are falling.
I hear you whisper to me
in the warm summer wind.

I wake in the evening
and watch the stars falling.
My mind is filled with the wonder
of you loving me.
My mind is filled with the wonder
of me loving you.

Sunlight, sunlight and shadows,
The colour of a winter rainbow,
a red rose, a white orchid ,
are worn in your hair.

Memories of softness,
memories of sweetness.
Memories of wonder,
memories and dreams.

I wake in the darkness of midnight
and know you’re not with me.
I wake up in sadness
because I know you’re gone.

Sunlight, sunlight and shadows
dancing on sculptured snow.
Winter winds blowing
on gravestones covered by roses.
Your name is chiselled
deep, deep into granite so cold.


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