Paradise Won

by bookends
of day and  night
the dreamer sleeps.
His mind
sails west,
across the sea,
to paradise.

An island,
emerald green,
girdled wide, by white sand.
where feathery fronds
of towering palms,
add colour to the wind.

Their gnarled roots
cling tight to coral deep.

Like sentinels of old
they stand.
Keeping watch,
keeping guard,
keeping pounding
azure waves,
from devouring the land.

From phosphorescent frothy foam,
a naked nymph, seductive,
offering forbidden fruit.
Before consummation complete,
the dreamer,
eyes brushed
by early sun,

Paradise not lost
but won.
Delicately sculpted
from flesh and bone,
exquisite beauty
beside me,
abides in sweet repose.


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